I run very fast because I desperately want to stand very still.

My not real name is Seanna Birchwood, but even off of the internets, some people call me Seanna (sea-anna).

I am fiercely against violence (is this sentence an oxymoron?) and am extremely protective of the environment.

I believe that for a sustainable future and for a peaceful society, vegetarianism will need to be adopted by a majority of people. The United Nations has said likewise concerning the food crisis, though I have my own thoughts on that.

I was born in December 1991. I am a pansexual woman. I am a vegan and a pagan. I am a writer. I am working toward my PH.D in Sociology and my specialty will be Japanese society and sex work. I am fluent in English, almost in Japanese, and then can function with worsening degrees in French and Spanish. I am studying Arabic and Korean, as well.

My favourite artists are The Gazette, Billy Talent, and Linkin Park. Iā€™m loosely involved in the Gazette and jRock fandoms. My current favourite shows are the Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Shinsekai Yori, and Fullmetal Alchemist. Nice to meet you!.


Native Americans don’t pay taxes. #StereotypesWeWishWereTrue

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So important.

Should actress Laverne Cox be included on the #TIME100? Ummm that’s a big ole’ HELLS YES! Click here to cast your vote!

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Naan Quinoa Mushroom Pizza #vegan

Montreal Opens First Ever 100% Vegan Grocery Store In Quebec

Antidote Superalimentation will also be equipped with a fully stocked juice and smoothie bar, a cafe for fair trade coffee and tea, along with various ready-to-eat dishes.

That’s it. Moving to Quebec and learning French.


Blackberry &Kale smoothie. Goodbye cholesterol, fat, processed sugars, salts and basically everything else that kills you. šŸ˜ŽšŸ˜Ž Eat clean and be happy. @purebarveronica @glassdharma